For web pages

You can either download the main file alone:

flShow Flip 1.0

or download a template to use as a starting point:

  1. Flip on black background
  2. Flip on white/any color background
  3. Flip on transparent background
  4. Flip and LightBox

Please notice that in all my templates I use SWFObject 2.0 to include the flash object in the html page; any other method can be used instead.

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Documentation on how to use and customize the Carousel is available on the flShow dokuwiki.

If you want to use the Flip in blog and forum posts, please refer to the Blogs and Forums section in the documentation page.

This is not an open source project. So don't email me asking for .fla sources. By the way, there is no .fla source: Carousel is an ActionScript only projects compiled with mxmlc. I used FlashDevelop for editing. It is like programming in Java or C++... no timeline, no drawings... only good old school code.

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Even more

asp pages

Dario Tresoldi developed an VB web control that helps you to include Flip in your asp pages. Check it out on

Desktop applications

The Flip can be used in desktop applications (like Delphi and C++ applications). Provided that you know how to embed flash movies in applications (and you also know how to handle fscommands issued by the movie), you simply have to associate fscommands to your photos:

<photo href="fscommand:mycmd" target="myparm">path/image.jpg</photo>

The main file, together with examples, can be downloaded in the For web pages section.

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