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April 10th 2009

Carousel 2.0 is ready! Download it now

New features are:

  • Swf movies in place of photos;
  • Fully customizable titles and title box;
  • Customizable loading messages.

December 24th 2008

Christmas gift from flShow
A double release to celebrate Christmas: Flip 1.0 and Carousel 1.7.

Flip 1.0 is nice Flash slideshow that you can use to enhance your web pages presenting your images with a simple 3D effect. It exploits new FlashPlayer 10 capabilities. More info, download it now, or see some example.

I'm working on Carousel 2.0 and I decided to make public an intermediate release: Carousel 1.7. It features: improved performances, titles on images, and blur effect on far photos. More info, download it now, or see some example.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

November 12th 2008

Carousel 2 beta
You can see and download the beta version of Carousel 2.
New features are:

  • Text displayed when the mouse is over an image;
  • Blur effect for images on the back.

October 23th 2008

FlashPlayer 10 has been released…
… and I'm developing Flip!
To see the preview you have to install FlashPlayer 10.

August 25th 2008

Carousel 1.5 is ready! Download it now

It can be used as a nice photo slideshow, an effective product showcase, a cool menu for your site, and much more.

New features:

  • Transparent background
  • Full control over empty space and inner borders
  • Configurable default speed and viewpoint angle
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Friction effect (smooth movement changes)

Main features:

  • Customization via XML file
  • Load external images (jpg, png, gif, and swf)
  • Links on images (to any URL, anchors, JS functions, and FSCommands)
  • Mouse/Keyboard/Auto rotation control
  • Mouse/Keyboard viewpoint control
  • Customizable speed, direction, background, reflection, and far image attributes

More information is available on the Carousel description page.

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