Carousel - Frequently Asked Questions

Change the background

In the html page: change the bgcolor parameter (see Embedding Parameters). In the xml configuration file: change the background option (see Options).

Tip: by default the “Loading” message is white, you can change it via the loaderColor flashvar (see Embedding Parameters).

Change xml configuration file name

In the html page: set the xmlfile flashvar (see Embedding Parameters).

Invert rotation

In xml configuration file: use negative values for speed option (see Options).

What about credits?

By default Carousel shows credits (right click menu info and fl logo with link back to unless it is used on itself.

This is meant to spread the voice and support the flShow project.

I can provide versions of the Carousel that does not show credits on specific domains to donors, as a sign of gratitude for their support to the flShow project. Please email me at (include the word Carousel or flShow in your email to be sure it will not marked as spam).

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