Carousel 101

To use my Carousel follow these steps:

1. Download the Carousel

From download page you can get the Carousel.swf: copy it on your site (in any folder).

If you don't have an existing html page you can use any of the templates provided in the download page as a starting point (skip step 2).

Please notice that for certain platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.) templates/plugins/modules been developed by other people. Please take a look at the list.
If you are using a Blog/Forum/CMS platform please visit the Blog, Forum, and CMS page.

2. Add the Carousel to your page

Add the Carousel.swf to your page as you usually do for any flash movie. For more information see How to embed a Flash file.

A few parameter of the embedding object/script may be relevant for the Carousel, see Embedding Parameters.

At the end of this step the Carousel will simply show an error: it cannot load the image list. Don't worry, go ahead.

3. Create the image list

Create a file named default.xml in the same folder of your html page and fill it with the image list. You may or may not specify a href and a target for each image. Your file should look like this:

  <photo href="" target="_top">flower.jpg</photo>
  <photo title="This is me in Rome">./photos/meInRome.jpg</photo>

See Photos and Links for more information.

If you want to use a filename diffrent from default.xml (or to put it in a different path) you must specify the correct filename via flashvars (see Embedding Parameters).

The xml file MUST BE VALID; modern browsers (like Firefox and IE) can be used to check xml files.

4. Configure options

The Carousel can be highly customized changing options in the xml file. See Options.

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