Customized titles

You can add titles on images, simply set the title attribute of photo tags in your xml file.

<photo title="This is a beautiful image">image.jpg</photo>

Alternatively you can use the exploded syntax for your photo tag. This way you'll be able to include html tags in your titles, like this:

  <title>This is a <b>beautiful</b> image</title>

The default style can be changed usign the titles > style option in the xml file.

The following example show some simple customization of titles: [Download xml]

You can highly customize titles using all Flash Player capabilities:

  1. each title can contains html tags (like font and textformat) according with the flash-html specifications (see Flash Manual);
  2. the titles > style option can contain articulated CSS settings with classes, ids and tags (the body tag refer to the main text in your title). Flash Player support a reduced CSS set see Flash Manual);

You can also customize the title position and its background (image, scale 9 grid, and padding): take a look at the xml file of the following example. [Download xml]

Enjoy my Carousel, Saverio.