Other than images you can put flash movies inside the Carousel using the movie tag in your xml file. This way you can add animated and interactive content to the Carousel.

<movie href="page.html" target="_self" title="A nice movie">myanimation.swf</movie>

Here you can see an example of loading swf inside the Carousel. [Download xml]

The source fla files for these movies are available (animation.fla, button.fla, motionblur.fla), you can use them as starting point for your movies.

In this second example I show how to pass parameters to the loaded movies:


I also created a simple communication among movies by means of a class with static methods and a nice "point to selected" effect using localToGlobal coordinates. [Download xml]

The source fla and as files for these movies are available (shapeC.fla, shapeS.fla, shapeMngr.as).

This way you can also create your own mp3 (or any media) player, let it accept the mp3 file url as a parameter, add several copy of it to a Carousel (associated to different mp3 files), and coordinate them so that when one start playing all the others stop.

Enjoy my Carousel, Saverio.