Here you can see an example of Carousel with localized/customized messages. There are 4 messages:

  1. Loading: show at the very beginning, while the Carousel.swf file is being loaded;
  2. Loading XML data: shown during xml file loading;
  3. Loading images: shown images loading start (disappear after a few seconds);
  4. Use arrow keys to move the Carousel: shown if keyboard interaction is used.

to set the messages you must use the messages flashvar and the 4 messages should be concatenated in a single string using :: as separator. You can exploit this feature to remove certain (even all) messages using a single space as message.

For example to have Italian messages you can write:

Caricamento::Caricamento dati XML::Caricamento immagini::Usa le frecce sulla tastiera per muovere le immagini

Enjoy my Carousel, Saverio.